We are a Padi Dive Resort(S-24153) and Tour Operator in Larantuka, East Flores.

Traveling across Flores, Indonesia, you will enjoy a journey of natural wonders that makes Flores an unforgettable island experience. Portuguese traders and missionaries that came to the island in the 16th century gave the name of ‘Cabo das Flores’ (the cape of flowers).

Referring more specifically to the coral and marine life, nature lovers will find it all in Flores, with deserted islands, sandy beaches, backdrops of mountains and jungles – an escape from civilization; beautiful rice-field sceneries, great mangroves, wild forests, hot springs, lakes and rivers.

The coastal city of Larantuka used to be a naval base and is used for trade, a central point for colonial and clerical activities in East Indonesia. The city is today still an important connection port to neighbouring islands and an economic centre for activities of Flores Timur. Stay in Larantuka and we will help you find your tour!

On many of the small islands reachable from Larantuka, such as Solar and Adonara, you do not have to go scuba diving – you can relish in Flores beauty simply by snorkeling around the 350 reef-building corals, bringing you closer to turtles, rays, reef sharks, lobsters and over 1,000 species of fish. The world-famous dive site that is Eastern Flores, promises adventurous dives to deeper seamounts where you can watch sharks and giant trevally patrolling the reefs.

Be it diving or snorkeling, the choice is yours, or you can simply lay back and enjoy the pristine nature of Flores. Beneath the water is an untouched natural coastal delight, hiding a diverse ecosystem and a colourful dimension to the magic of Flores. You may even meet a curious dolphin or passing whale.

Guests will receive a welcoming from the people of Flores who share a fascinating past and heart-warming friendliness. This richness is breathtaking in itself and is well worth the trips off the main road to discover Flores people.

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